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Baptisms & Funerals




If you live in one of the parishes within the benefice, it's usually possible to be baptised there. If you don't live in the area you would have to show a connection, and a baptism could only go ahead if the vicar in the parish where you live gave permission.


Some services are more suitable for baptisms than others, and the pattern varies from church to church. There is also the option of a Thanksgiving Service.


Preparation sessions are held with the parents beforehand to help them to understand the implications of the promises they will be making. For older children and adults who want to be baptised, a lengthier preparation is usual.


More information about baptism is available on the Church of England website.


If you are considering baptism in one of the four parishes please contact.

                       The Church Office.  Tel       01691 676 383

                                       Email: bordergroupadmin@hotmail.co.uk




The loss of a loved one is a very difficult time and the parishes are able to provide support and assistance with the planning of the funeral service. Services may take place at one of the four parishes or at a local crematorium. Arrangements can also be made for a burial or interment of ashes.


A Christian funeral allows space for expressions of mourning and loss, for marking and remembering the life that has past and for celebrating the hope we have that in Christ death has been defeated.


The text for the funeral service is being reviewe ( March 2015 ).


If you have been bereaved and would like to talk to someone about the bereavement or funeral arrangements please contact initially Sally inThe Church Office  Tel 01691 676 383

Funeral Service