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KIBERA & Llanymynech



St. Agatha’s Church,  Llanymynech started supporting the residents of Kibera several years ago when we heard of the plight of slum dwellers in the vast sprawling slum of Kibera – about 2 miles away from Nairobi, Kenya.


Rev. Colin Smith, son of Rev. Ray and Sheila Smith was working in the slum helping the people there.

Colin showed us very moving slides of how they were living and told us that their greatest need was fresh clean water.   The women of the slum were walking each day into Nairobi and carrying back a can of clean water bought at a  very high price – many residents could not afford to buy clean water and so their family had to drink contaminated water which often made them ill.


An idea dawned on us and I asked The Very Nice Production Company if they would sing some songs from musicals to help us raise money to buy a huge water tank for the slum in order to provide for their most  desperate need.


Miraculously we achieved that aim and also managed to enable them to purchase enough plastic piping to put the water tank   “on the mains”  from the Nairobi Water Company – so now they have a constant supply of clean water.


There were great celebrations in the slum when it was all connected up and photographs of the tank were put up in St. Agatha’s – see photo herewith.


Each year since then The Very Nice Production Company have produced a musical theatre show for us for which we have had great support from locals and from others further afield.   Over the years we have managed to send money through the umbrella of AMADET to help with other community projects.

We have helped provide a Community Hall which has multiple uses and now provides a crèche to enable mothers to go to work,  children to receive education, a homework club and also  provides training for various trades to help with employment of adults.


Also we have helped build other churches in the slum and helped with stoning floors and providing school benches and various other projects which Colin and his team have needed finance for.


This year we are hoping to be able to send funds to help with the rebuilding of St. Andrews Church which was bull dozed down by the Railway Corporation earlier this year.  Very many people rely on  St. Andrews and the facilities it offers.


We would welcome your support for our next show which is on Saturday 20th  June at Llanymynech Village Hall and entitled   “The West End Song Book”   and will be sung and acted once again by  The Very Nice Production Company.   The show will include a medley of songs and scenes from the wonderful musical  ‘Les Miserables’.


If you would like tickets please telephone Anne Roberts on 01691 830666


Thank you

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