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Mission Action Plan - Morton

Our Mission Action Plans reflect the 7 marks of a healthy church which are: Energised by faith; outward looking focus; seeks to find what God wants; faces the cost of change and growth; builds community; makes room for others; does a few things and does them well.





1: Discovering the heart of God

From May PCC meeting set up a Worship Committee to maintain a constant review of liturgy and worship to ensure that the worship we offer is relevant to our existing congregation and the wider community.

Give the May PCC meeting to the topic 'How do you want Morton to be in 5 years time?' Moving from maintenance to mission.



2: Growing Disciples

Develop a 'Café Church' to be held on a Saturday night monthly / quarterly from September with an 'in house' trial run in August. Aimed at 30-40 year olds; relaxed atmosphere coffee / cake very short teaching slot: 'What does Jesus / the Bible say about…? Church to offer a baby sitting facility?

Focus on those on the Electoral Roll especially those who don't / no longer come to church (Back to Church Sunday emphasis?)



3: Reaching New Generations

Re-establish Tuesday Club (needs a new name) aimed at families 3 or 4 outings a year: Zoo; Beach; 7 Valley Railway; Pantomime etc and an annual meal.

Explore possibility of a midweek 'Tea-Time Church' straight after school.



4: Transforming Communities

From May PCC establish 'Care Network' each member of PCC to take on a geographical area of the Parish to integrate the Church into that particular part of the community.



5: Practicing Generosity

Support Christian Aid and other charities