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When we need help....


O Lord our God,

fill us with the hope in the shadow of your wings;

protect and sustain us.

You will uphold us, right from our childhood until our old age,

because our present strength,

if it comes from you, is strength indeed;

but if it is merely our own strength then it is weakness.

When we are close to you we find living goodness,

but at the very moment we turn aside from you

we become corrupt.

So, Lord, make us retrace our steps,

so that we are not defeated.


(St Augustine 354-430)


A Child's prayer of thanks.........


When I wake up in the morning,

thank you, God,for being there.

When I come to school each day,

thank you, God, for being there.

When I am playing with my friends,

thank you,God, for being there.

And when I go to bed at night,

thank you, God, for being there.