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         All those who attending services at All Saints’ services who are entitled to do so are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll      

         and stand for election to the PCC.

         The members of the PCC are the trustees of the charity referred to in 2.1. They are responsible for making decisions on all matters    

         of general concern and importance to the parish including deciding on how the funds of the PCC are to be spent.

         The PCC meets six times a year. There are two groups reporting to the PCC:

                            • Worship and Mission Team

                            • Building Group

         These groups include both PCC and non-PCC members as deemed appropriate.


3       Aims and Purposes 

3.1    Every Church of England church has the same aim. Accordingly, All Saints’ Parochial Church Council (the “PCC”) is responsible, in  

         full cooperation with the incumbent, the Reverend Kathryn Trimby, for promoting the whole mission of the Church, pastoral,  

         evangelistic, social and ecumenical in the ecclesiastical parish of All Saints’, Trefonen.

3.2  The PCC is also specifically responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of All Saints’ Church, Trefonen.


4      Objectives and Activities

4.1   We are committed to enabling as many people as possible to worship at our church and to become part of our parish community at  

       All Saints’. We maintain an overview of worship in the parish and endeavour to ensure that it is well varied so as to serve both those  

       of favouring a traditional form and those with more modern ideas. We seek, through our services and prayer groups, to put faith into

       practice through prayer, scripture, sacrament and music.

4.2   When planning our activities, we are mindful of the need to take into account the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefit  

       and, specifically, its supplementary guidance covering the advancement of religion. Accordingly, we endeavour to enable ordinary  

      people to live out their faith as part of our parish community through:

                              o Worship and prayer; learning about the gospel; and developing their knowledge and trust in Jesus.

                              o Provision of pastoral care for people living in the parish.

                              o Missionary and outreach work.

       To facilitate this work it is important that we maintain the fabric of the All Saint’s Church. We must maintain our link with Trefonen        

       Primary School (C of E Controlled), and endeavour to establish links with other groups within the wider village community.

4.3    Following the departure of our previous incumbent and the subsequent interregnum, we were very pleased to welcome our new    

        Rector, Rev Kathryn Trimby, in April 2014.

4.4    We currently have two licensed Lay-readers, a third awaiting re-licensing and a potential fourth in training and are fortunate to be  

        able to call upon the services of number of retired clergy, thus enabling us to provide a full programme of worship services,  

        occasional offices (funerals, weddings and baptisms). In addition, we actively encourage lay involvement in services both as  

        leaders of worship and as Eucharist assistants.  


5       Achievements and Performance

5.1    Worship and Prayer

        Worship is based upon a series of service booklets. Those for Holy Communion cover liturgy variations for each season of the    

        Church's year and are intended for use across the Border Group. All Saints’ has developed its own form of Family Worship. Both  

        traditional and modern hymns are used and Family Worship normally involves our thriving music group – a small band and singers.

       Small prayer groups meet regularly and prayer ministry is offered after services.  A “Prayer Chain” responds to requests from the  

       congregation and the community.



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